Entrepreneurship, Cloud Revolution, and Effective Communication | Sudha Iyer, Product at Commvault

Product Unfiltered

30-08-2023 • 45 mins

Welcome to another insightful episode of Product Unfiltered! In this captivating session, we have the privilege of hosting Sudha Iyer, a distinguished Principal Product Manager at Commvault. With over 15 years of experience, Sudha's journey from entrepreneurship to cloud computing to product management is an incredible tale of innovation and adaptation. Join us as Sudha shares her remarkable insights on a range of topics, including transitioning from running her own chai business to becoming a powerhouse in product management. Discover the transformative shift to cloud computing, where Sudha unravels the challenges, benefits, and future of this technology. Delve into the world of market research, product-market fit, and the delicate art of effective communication in product management. Learn about Sudha's perspective on risk-taking, decision-making, and building a thick skin to thrive in the dynamic field of tech. Sudha's experiences as an entrepreneur and a product leader at Commvault offer a unique blend of wisdom and inspiration for both aspiring and seasoned product managers. As she emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, diverse experiences, and collaboration, get ready to absorb valuable lessons that can drive your success in the ever-evolving landscape of product management. Tune in to gain invaluable insights and broaden your horizons with Sudha Iyer's expertise, only on Product Unfiltered!"