Driving Innovation in Fintech: Rakesh Singh, VP of Product Management at JP Morgan Chase

Product Unfiltered

29-03-2024 • 56 mins

In this episode of Product Unfiltered, Rakesh shares invaluable insights from his journey, spanning from business consulting to leading product management initiatives at one of the world's leading financial institutions. Key Takeaways: - Career Transition: Rakesh discusses his transition from business consulting to product management, highlighting the transferable skills and challenges encountered along the way. - Skills for Success: Learn about the essential skills and qualities needed to excel in product management, including stakeholder management, technical proficiency, and critical thinking. - Fintech Insights: Gain insights into the fintech industry and the unique challenges and opportunities it presents for product managers. - Building Products: Discover Rakesh's approach to building and managing products at JP Morgan Chase, including the development process, user acceptance testing, and product delivery. - Career Advice: Rakesh shares valuable advice for aspiring product managers, including the importance of domain expertise, continuous learning, and embracing ownership and responsibility.