Two way radios - A firefighters lifeline


15-09-2020 • 20 mins

Firefighters’ two way radios are their lifeline. The dynamic environment of a fireground incident requires an intense amount of fast paced communication including visibility challenges. Firefighting teams need equipment that they are familiar with and can support the user’s vast array of BA and PPE.

Leveraging on their expertise in risk & compliance within this industry has meant for the past forty-seven years the Radiocoms team have led projects from consultation, design to deployment of next-generation, mission-critical radio communication digital solutions for the UK Fire Services.

Partnering with Fire Services, Radiocoms ensure  that the NFCC guidance is supported when deploying a new radio system. Their build of protocols and measurable parameters address communication needs for the fire service, based on their operational practices, disaster scenarios and inherent risks associated with fire operation to support the services preparedness.

Motorola Solutions’ heritage in the critical communications marketplace is unique – throughout their history they have been at the forefront of driving new technology developments to provide reliable communications systems. Supporting the complete ecosystem of requirements for UKFRS they partner with Radiocoms to deliver critical communication solutions, ensuring interoperability between varying radio technologies, teams and command units from the fireground to the control room.

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