114: Cat o' Nine Tales: Fairport Convention's Vikki Clayton


16-04-2022 • 23 mins

Twenty years of interviewing fabulous musicians is no mean feat and I thought it deserved some kind of celebration, or at least to be marked in history for posterity.

So, I’ve recorded Cat o' Nine Tales; 9 special episodes of CATtales to look back on those early encounters where the recordings of the interviews no longer survive and the details only remain in written form.

After introducing my guest, I’ll give you a link address to read the interview and play some of their key hits for you to listen to whilst you enjoy it.

Thank you to you the listeners and my fabulous guests for your support over the years, I hope you enjoy these special 9 tales...

Tale 1:

There’s more to ex-Fairport Convention Vikki Clayton than excellent song writing, a haunting singing voice and musical talent. Beneath the quiet exterior lurks a passion for cats, a fetish for shoes and an empathy for mankind.

This tale dates back to October 12th 2001, visit CATtales.co.uk/114 for the one with Vicky Clayton and sit back and enjoy these tunes.

The tracks featured are: Shakleton’s Song; The Badger; Here Be Dragons; and The Gardener’s Bonny Daughter. Visit vikkiclayton.info for where to purchase these and more of Vikki’s music, and to listen to this again and to other tales, visit CATtales.co.uk.