Lights, Camera, Confidence - with Lauren Ferrara

The Brand Boss Show

13-09-2022 • 33 mins

When you hear "lights, camera,..." what's the next word that comes to mind for you? I know that as business owners, sometimes that can feel like "lights, camera, freeze..." or "lights, camera, what am I doing?!"

This week's guest, Lauren Ferrara, has 13 years of experience as an anchor and reporter in television stations in Texas, Nevada, Tennessee and Colorado. Her stories have appeared on FOX News, CBS News, CNN, and even the Colbert Report. She’s been honored with a EMMY nomination for journalistic enterprise as well as two Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards for best feature reporting.

And guess what?! Not even Lauren was a natural on camera when she started. Listen in as she shares her story and practical tips to help you go on video with "lights, camera, confidence!"

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