077 Welcome to the Jungle

The Setlist of Life

18-04-2024 • 58 mins

In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including Mercury in retrograde, the recent eclipse, and a new segment called 'Aaron vs. Greg' where Aaron gives advice on plant care. They examine several dead plants and Aaron provides suggestions on how to revive them. The conversation is light-hearted and humorous, with the hosts sharing personal anecdotes and observations. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including hunting dogs, the death of O.J. Simpson, Mercury retrograde, and pickleball tournaments. They also touch on the idea of making a Christmas tree out of pickleball medals and the effects of the full moon. The conversation is light-hearted and filled with humor.


Mercury in retrograde can cause electronic malfunctions and communication issues

The recent eclipse was not as dark as expected, but still produced a significant amount of light

Aaron is knowledgeable about plant care and provides helpful advice

Plants purchased from grocery stores are often tropical and may not survive in typical indoor conditions

Overwatering can lead to root rot in certain plants

Talking to plants and giving them love can help them thrive The hosts share stories and anecdotes about hunting dogs and their experiences with them

They discuss the death of O.J. Simpson and the impact it has on their perception of the infamous murder case

The hosts talk about the concept of Mercury retrograde and its effects on communication and technology

They reflect on their experiences in pickleball tournaments and the emotions that come with competitive sports

The conversation touches on the idea of creating a Christmas tree out of pickleball medals and the effects of the full moon

Sound Bites

"When it's Mercury in retrograde, that's when all of your electronics mess up and you have problems with communication."

"Even in the path of the eclipse, you are left with so little of the sun, a sliver of it, and yet it produces so much light."

"Aaron vs. Greg: The ultimate plant care showdown!"

"One of my dogs is a hunting dog. She's a Brittany Spaniel."

"I was wrong. It's not just vaces. It is not."

"I tried to order groceries online last night and it wouldn't order."


00:00 Introduction and Missing Bandmate

07:25 Observations of the Recent Eclipse

14:26 Reviving Dead Basil Plant

29:05 Different Roles in Plant Care

39:24 The Effects of Mercury Retrograde

45:53 Ordering Groceries Online

56:22 The Influence of the Full Moon