065 Secrets

The Setlist of Life

19-12-2023 • 1 hr 10 mins


In this super secret episode, Aaron, Erin, Christine, and Leslie have a fun and lighthearted conversation about various topics. They discuss their worst Christmas songs, reminisce about crushes and bands from their childhood, and share stories about how Chris and Leslie met. They also talk about aging actors, DNA databases, and recommend movies for each other to watch. The conversation is filled with laughter and nostalgia, making it an enjoyable and entertaining episode. The conversation covers various topics, including childhood rules and protectiveness, double standards in parenting, the dangers and risks for girls, challenges of raising boys in the digital age, online dating and relationships, the comfort of knowing someone, alternative ways to meet people, movies and actors from the past, the lack of original ideas in entertainment, the affordability of celebrity actors, and reading college applications.


Nostalgia can bring back fond memories and spark interesting conversations.

The music industry often relies on remakes and reboots instead of creating new material.

DNA databases can be used to solve crimes and find relatives, but they also raise privacy concerns.

Movies can be a great way to bond and share experiences with friends and family.

Personal stories and anecdotes can make conversations more engaging and relatable. Parents often have different rules and levels of protectiveness for their children based on their gender.

Raising boys in the digital age comes with challenges due to the accessibility of inappropriate content and the ease of online interactions.

Girls face unique dangers and risks in today's world, and parents need to be vigilant in protecting them.

Meeting people and forming relationships has changed with the rise of online dating and social media.

There is a lack of original ideas in entertainment, with many movies and shows being remakes or adaptations.

Reading college applications provides insight into the next generation and gives hope for the future.


00:00 Introduction and Super Secret Episode

03:52 Storytime with Leslie: How Chris and Leslie Met

09:25 Discussion on Committing Murder and DNA Databases

14:20 Nostalgic Talk about Crushes and Bands

19:06 Childhood Memories and TV Shows

25:36 Discussion on Aging Actors and Movies

31:00 Movie Recommendations and Discussion

38:01 Discussion on Classic Movies and Parental Influence

42:45 Childhood Rules and Protectiveness

44:11 Double Standards in Parenting

45:07 Dangers and Risks for Girls

46:06 Challenges of Raising Boys in the Digital Age

46:53 Online Dating and Relationships

47:43 The Comfort of Knowing Someone

48:45 The Difficulty of Meeting People in Today's World

50:11 Alternative Ways to Meet People

51:26 The White Rocks and Swingers

52:23 Movies and Actors from the Past

53:54 Impressions and Comedians

55:06 Christmas Gift Game

58:16 Lack of Original Ideas in Entertainment

59:42 Affordability of Celebrity Actors

01:04:54 The Game Suggestion from Andrea

01:08:33 Reading College Applications