Requiem of a Fund Selector: The Reflections of Mussie Kidane

The New Fund Order

18-04-2021 • 27 mins

Welcome to the New Fund Order. An Orwellian journey into the Darkside, the Frontier and the Fringe of Finance.

On the air you can hear the strings begin to play, as clouds roll off the Swiss Alps and Lake Geneva ripples on a gentle breeze.. The sun shines on Switzerland in a way rarely paralleled by any other market and there is much to be thankful for. European fund selection more broadly, as it is inextricably linked with the growth of asset management, too has enjoyed a beautiful renaissance over the last 20 years but is that Belle Epoch about to darken, will reflection give way to requiem?

I am joined by arguably Europe's most famous fund allocator, Mussie Kidane of Pictet. Join us, as two old soldiers of fund selection, as we reflect; on our careers, how fund selection and asset allocation has changed, the impact of ROBO and whether professional fund investing has a future. One retired; the other very much active. How then to keep tempo in an ever changing world?

Time is ever-unrelenting yet, 13 years on from the Great Financial Crash (GFC) and the awful realisation of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, many things continue to haunt us as fund allocators. Our history is littered with blow-ups, crashes and poor risk management. On the news of Madoff's passing; and as the fall-out of the Archegos scandal continues, is today's generation of fund allocators equipped to appreciate the risks in the system? Many of whom had no first hand recollection of the GFC let alone the dotcom bubble. In an age of complex social media, Crypto, asset bubbles, momentum, indexation, digitalisation, automation and tokenisation, Mussie and I debate the implications for asset allocation in this very special episode of New Fund Order.

Together with left-field opinion, global market news and latest views, direct from my dystopian bunker. In the Air, on the Ground, on the Street and around the corner of Debate. Watching, listening, in the Shadows and on your Airwaves. For Fund Selectors, distributors, wealth managers and investors.

In association with my sponsor Allianz Global Investors (AGI) one of the world's leading active managers. My thanks to my guest Mussie and Pictet.. and you dear listener.

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