Season Finale: Into the Mind with Nuala Walsh

The New Fund Order

17-10-2021 • 38 mins

Welcome to the Darkside of Fund Management and Research... the New Fund Order.

Episode 20: Into the Mind

The sky arcs obsidian, as thunderous clouds roll in and heavy rain pours down. We are forced to open an iron door and take refuge inside an old hospital only to be greeted by the wails of its patients within. What dark horrors await us in this place?

Step into our asylum of cognitive discourse to explore the dark corners of the mind of the fund selector. Everything from cognitive bias to heuristics, star mangers, monsters and criminality. We walk down the chilling corridors, with Mind Equity's Nuala Walsh, as we ask the taboo, the frightening and the controversial. This season finale then offers the culmination of a series of behavioural episodes in Season 1. We ask;

Are Monsters and Villains the psychological flip side of star manager culture and ideology?
How can overweighting IQ over EQ hurt outcomes, our desire to be cleverer then the next person?
What does it mean to observe irrationality?
How can understanding the peak-end rule help in decision making?
Should selectors be more like FBI agents when researching fund managers or attending a blow up?

About Nuala: A global strategic adviser, Non-Executive Director, behavioural scientist, and award-winning marketeer, with decades of experience in asset management, investment banking, and consulting.

Founder of MindEquity -  a business, brand, and behavioural science consultancy.

Founder and Director of the world's first Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists.

Various Board / Advisory Appointments:
- Investments (TSLombard; JD Haspel; Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments);
- Sport (The Football Association; World Athletics);
- Non-profits (UNWomen UK).

Former Chief Marketing Officer at FTSE-50 plc, Standard Life Aberdeen with a track record of growth, modernization, and globalization at Merrill Lynch, Blackrock, and Standard Life Investments.  Also led sponsorships in golf, rugby, tennis, motor racing eg. Ryder Cup; British & Irish Lions; Goodwood and ATP Champions Tour.

Named among Top 100 Most Influential Women in Finance; and the 50 Most Innovative CMOs.

Holds a Masters in Behavioural Science; Masters in Business Studies; BA in Philosophy.  Studied Forensic Psychology.

Published and cited in various publications - Harvard Business Review, Economist, Telegraph, Fox Business News.

A keynote speaker, coach, and visiting lecturer in multiple universities.

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