With Asa Morrison, Chief Executive of Visit Great Yarmouth

Tourism Business Chat

03-05-2023 • 56 mins

What does your mind conjure up when we say Great Yarmouth? Whether we’ve been there or not, we likely all have something come to mind. That’s the power of marketing and positive experiences. Asa Morrison is Chief Executive of Visit Great Yarmouth, a Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) and tourism business improvement district, of which there are only three in the UK.

Asa is passionate about where he lives and works, and his role is to increase support and visitors to Great Yarmouth, in a sustainable and responsible way. He chats to Chris about the issues with the public transport infrastructure, why visitors are good for ALL businesses in the area, and the issues business owners are facing with wages, costs and promotion.

He discusses how Visit Great Yarmouth works with Visit East of England, and potential future central funding and the proposed Local Visitor Economy Partnership (LVEP).

Asa’s career in the tourism sector is a great example of how there’s room for growth, diversity and progression in the sector, and how tourism is not ‘just a stepping stone’ to a career elsewhere. They also discuss the power of ‘the influencer’ and why businesses should be embracing technological updates arising from lockdown.

You can find out more by visiting Visit Great Yarmouth online here.

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