Become a social good thought leader with Rakesh Bharania, LinkedIn Top Voice

How To: Thought Leadership

21-01-2023 • 55 mins

In this episode of How To: Thought Leadership, Rakesh and I talked about:

  • Why you'll find him at Burning Man
  • Why he went to Eastern Europe with NetHope early in the Ukraine crisis
  • What responsibility looks like in tech for good in crisis.
  • (And did he always want to be a thought leader? Is he glad to be in the spotlight, or....)
  • Learn from Rakesh's journey so you can become a social good thought leader

In this episode of How To: Thought Leadership, Julie meets with Rakesh Bharania, a LinkedIn Top Voice for social impact is Advisory Board Member, Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center at CyberPeace Institute, and former Director, Humanitarian Technology Impact at

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