Showing Up for Customers Through Your Product

Pipeline Visionaries

14-05-2024 • 42 mins

This episode features an interview with Smita Wadhawan, CMO at SimplePractice, a leading practice management software company for health and wellness professionals.

In this episode, Smita discusses the importance of keeping your customers at the center and incorporating their voice. She also dives into educating the customer about the value of your product and then showing up for them through that product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Customer feedback should be taken very seriously and it is worth creating a formal process to give customers a chance to share their thoughts.
  • It’s important to arm yourself with data and examples when trying to sell your ideas internally, or you won’t be able to push them through.
  • The website can serve as your sales function and you should experiment with how the website can “work harder for you”.


“So I would literally think of the marketing strategy as the full funnel from building the right product to getting the product in the hands of our customers, to making sure they use the product and get the most value out of it. And then last but not the least using our communications and our creative to tell the stories which put our customers front and center. We don't use models. We don't use actors. All our creative is telling authentic stories and they are all our customers. That is something that's really key to our brand, always honing in on our customer and having them do the storytelling for us.”

Episode Timestamps:

*(4:43) The Trust Tree: Fulfilling your obligation to your customers, who rely on your product

*(15:42) The Playbook: Customer referrals as the largest source of acquisition

*(34:45) The Dust Up: Advocating for staff to support conversion rates on the website

*(38:03) Quick Hits: Smita’s Quick Hits


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