Defining the Enemy When Rebranding

Pipeline Visionaries

09-04-2024 • 39 mins

This episode features an interview with April Moh, CMO at Kyriba, leader in cloud treasury and finance solutions, delivering mission-critical capabilities for cash and risk management, payments and working capital solutions.

In this episode, April shares her expertise on managing perceptions through PR and building a demand creation arm from scratch. She also dives into the process of rebranding, and the framework they used when crafting their strategic narrative.

Key Takeaways:

  • To maximize your PR efforts, make sure you have a clear idea of the perceptions that you want to drive and how you are currently perceived among your audiences.
  • When rebranding and recrafting your strategic narrative, define who the enemy is, and who the hero is.
  • Find ways to quantify your demand creation arm beyond just direct ties to short-term revenue and be prepared to see results from that engine two years down the line.


“A rebrand is more than just look and feel. A lot of it is also about what is that story and what is that strategic narrative? And for us, we worked through a very simple framework, which is to define what the enemy is. So the enemy represents the current way of work that is not productive for CFOs or treasurers. And then what the hero is. So how do we position ourselves as being able to really add value in solving that problem?”

Episode Timestamps:

*(12:21) The Trust Tree: Creating a scalable, repeatable marketing engine

*(19:02) The Playbook: Paid media, PR and events

*(34:18) The Dust Up: Changing a beloved mascot

*(37:41) Quick Hits: April’s Quick Hits


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