Better Manage Your Budget This Year with Esther Flammer, CMO at Wrike

Pipeline Visionaries

20-12-2022 • 38 mins

This episode features an interview with Esther Flammer, CMO at Wrike. Wrike brings all work into a single place to remove complexity, increase productivity, and free people up to focus on their most purposeful work. Esther is a senior executive with 20 years of marketing experience in high-growth B2B tech and non-profit sectors.

On this episode Esther shares her insights on how to better manage your budget this year, ways to be smarter with your resources, and how to boost your marketing efficiency.


“If you're not able to showcase the ROI or build a good business case on why every dollar that you're spending is producing ROI or is helping move the business forward, it's going to be cut.” - Esther Flammer, CMO, Wrike


Episode Timestamps:

*(02:49) - Esther’s role at Wrike

*(03:51) - Reduce spending, reduce resources and deliver more

*(07:42) - Showcasing the ROI on every dollar that you're spending

*(12:45) - Leveraging data to make better marketing decisions

*(14:47) - The role of experimentation in marketing

*(20:57) - Being smarter about your resources

*(30:16) - Ways to understand what's working and what's not

*(35:24) - Segment: Quick Hits



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