S3 Ep7 Liz Mosley, Liz Mosley Design - Branding!

The Female Creative Talks

24-10-2021 • 43 mins

Welcome to Season 3 of The Female Creative Talks Podcast!

Hannah's guest this week is  Liz Mosley, from Liz Mosley Design!

Liz Mosley is a graphic designer with over 15 years experience and now specialises in branding and making animated GIFS for small businesses. She loves helping business owners to feel really proud and confident promoting what they do because how your business looks has a big impact on that. She also loves being a cheerleader for other small business, sharing what they do in her mailing list and social media and just generally encouraging them in all they are doing.

Along side her design services she also hosts the Building Your Brand podcast all about branding and marketing for small business and has created two online courses to support business owners who are not at the stage (or don't want to) of outsourcing their branding or GIF making.

Hannah and Liz chat about how she moved from the employed to self employed after having children, where to start when thinking about branding and the importance of having a community! Plus Liz gives us her top tips for starting and growing a business!

This week's listener question is all about the first step to take as a new business!

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