Ep 109 : My Melancholy Blues

Recovering Queen : The Queen Podcast

18-09-2023 • 24 mins

Matt and Jai take on Freddie Mercury's moody masterpiece, "My Melancholy Blues," off of Queen's iconic "News of the World" album.  Join us as we unpack the song's jazzy undertones,  and that unique 2/4 shuffle beat  We'll explore the song's recording process in the refurbished Wessex Studio and the Bösendorfer Imperial Piano and John Deacon's Fretless Precision bass in crafting its distinctive sound. Drawing parallels with Liza Minelli's tracks on "Cabaret" and diving into its chord progressions, we'll discuss how Freddie Mercury's creation foreshadows the "Jazz" album and its relationship with earlier Queen tracks. With insights from those snippets from the "News of the World" documentary, this episode looks into one of Queen's most introspective tracks.

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