Staying Connected - London Edition

German Embassy London

What does the future relationship between Germany and the United Kingdom look like? Staying Connected highlights common interests and opportunities for German-British cooperation through wide-ranging discussions between experts and people with a special connection with both countries.

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Episode 10: How to counter disinformation?
Episode 10: How to counter disinformation?Episode 9 - How teaching and learning German in the UK keeps us connectedEpisode 8: Staying Connected through town twinnings – how cities bring countries togetherEpisode 7 - Why are British musicians drawn to Berlin?Episode 6: Special Edition - German UnityEpisode 5: Staying Connected through Creativity - Designing our future bilateral relationsEpisode 4: Joint Task of Climate Action - COP26, G7 and UK-German cooperationEpisode 3: From foe to friendEpisode 2: Special Culture Edition –  Germany and Britain: A Tale of Two NationsEpisode 1: Does journalism connect Germany and the UK?