Ep. 29 - Thoughtful Approaches to Family Law w/ Lindsay Haber, Esq.

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15-08-2023 • 38 mins

Join us in this episode as we delve into family law with prominent family law attorney, Lindsay Haber.

In this conversation, we discuss Lindsay's approach to thoughtfully tackling family law issues. Gain insight into Lindsay's remarkable ability to secure favorable outcomes for clients during their most trying times, all while successfully juggling her responsibilities as a business operator and a mother to two young children.

Divorcing parties seeking clarity and a no-nonsense approach to handling family law matters will find this episode of great value. Additionally, attorneys striving to strike a harmonious balance between professional success and personal fulfillment will find this episode to be a must-listen.

📗 Connect with Lindsay

➡️ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-haber-5a04782b/

➡️ Website: www.lbhaberlaw.com

➡️ Email: lindsay@lbhaberlaw.com

➡️ Phone: 561-463-5797

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