Taking the Lead: The Importance of Community Advocacy Work in Society Today

Collaborative Culture Podcast

05-01-2024 • 29 mins

Hearing from the next generation of local and national community leaders on their journey, challenges, and sharing gems they’ve picked up along the way. Matt Houston and Tristian Carpenter discusses the next generation of community leaders, underscoring the significance of education and self-empowerment in the pursuit of social justice. The conversation emphasized on the importance of being transparent and honest as a leader and using your own experiences as a testimony to inspire others. It also touched on the benefits of exploring and traveling for work, and how it can help with community building and advocacy work. They also talked about the use of technology, like Zoom as a substitute tool for communication during the pandemic and the importance of community involvement. Carpenter shared her work in professional development and reentry support for formerly incarcerated people, and helping people from non-traditional backgrounds break into tech.