Standing Out In The Crowd (with Jason Moss)

52 Cues Podcast

17-08-2023 • 51 mins

Join me as I sit down with Jason Moss, the co-founder of Bulletproof Bear, to unpack his  journey from being a composer to becoming a music publisher. Jason shares his insights into the value of authentic relationships and the value in striking a balance between originality and commercial success in music licensing.

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00:00 - Intro & Welcome
02:13 - Interview with Jason Moss
5:09 - Jason's journey in the music business
8:02 - The transition from composer to publisher
14:37 - Should composers create a catalog of their own music?
25:36 - Originality vs uniqueness
33:00 - When composers submit pitches, what do they do right and wrong?
41:45 - One thing composers should really know
47:24 - Outro & How You Can Support 52 Cues!

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