The Art of Letting Go

The Gratitude Coach

02-03-2023 • 8 mins

The Art of Letting Go

How good are you when it comes to letting things go, that no longer serve you?

Letting go can be emotionally freeing, and it also opens up your energy to bigger and better things.

Holding onto old memories like traumas, for example, means holding onto some kind of old identity.

Letting go is so important, yet so difficult and even elusive to those types of people who are trapped inside the of a narrative of victimization.

Letting go implies we are holding on to something that might even be painful, but hard as we try, we can’t do it.

Most of the time the things we hold onto have outlived their purpose. We might also do this in times when we are living in survival mode.

In order to let go, we may also find that we need to forgive ourselves for not having done so sooner.

When you start letting go of things you free yourself to new possibilities, just like that.

What are some things you need to let go of?

Letting go can be scary. It’s a big unknown, with lots of uncertainty. Sometimes it feels easier to stay put and not take the chance.

Ask yourself if there are things in life you are trying to force into existence. How can you let go of your fear and start living more harmoniously?

Intention for Letting Go

Dear Universe, I bless my ability to let things go that no longer serve me. I bless all the difficulties and struggles I have experienced over the years. Difficulties are often blessings in disguise. I am grateful for this powerful lesson in letting go. Today I Intend to be gentle and kind to myself. Today I choose peace. I give myself permission to embrace difficulties with grace and ease. I let go of all problems and welcome in new solutions as I learn to live in the moment and in the beauty of each magnificent day!

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