Episode 45 - How to Build Multiple 7-8 Figures Businesses with Dato Barnabas Huang, Founder of NutriFirst & Huang's Jewelry and MD of UFC Gym SG

SIMP Investing

18-10-2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

Today we have the special privilege of speaking to Dato Barnabas Huang, a serial millionaire entrepreneur who has built multiple 7-8 digits revenue businesses that includes NutriFirst, Huang's Jewelry and he is also the country managing director of UFC Gym Singapore.

In today's episode, we covered: How Barnabas hustled his way to high 7 digits revenue with NutriFirst based on the concept of trust and authenticity, the importance of being genuine and wanting to provide value, his hiring processes and how he identifies employees with intrinsic callings, building a community and keeping customers engaged for highest LTVs, effective inventory management of a jewelry business which could have stock that lasts for decades, providing most value at a competitive price point as a strategy with UFC Gym SG, embracing new distribution/sales channels like live streaming on Facebook and much more!

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