Episode 35 - How Ex-Facebook, Ex-Alibaba, Stanford Alum Neo Kai Yuan Founded Rocket Academy & Tips On Becoming An Effective Software Engineer

SIMP Investing

25-08-2022 • 54 mins

Today on the pod, we speak to Kai Yuan, the CEO & Founder of Rocket Academy. Rocket Academy is an online coding boot camp that aims to help people become software engineers and has a 100% job placement rate. A highly experienced programmer himself, the podcast episode entails a lot about the intersection between coding and entrepreneurship.

In today's episode, we covered: Kai Yuan's journey and experience working at Facebook/Meta, Alibaba, Nuna, and Dana Cita as a software engineer. What is the most important and underlooked skill of software engineers, how Rocket Academy fights off competitors by not focusing on them, how did Rocket Academy capture its first few customers and partners, how someone should learn to start programming and why the focus on algorithms and Javascript, how to identify if coding is appropriate for someone, the benefits of fundraising from venture capital firms, what he is looking out for in the Edtech space, how he built and scaled the team and more!

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