Episode 44 - From a Career in Investments to Selling Out Inventory in 3 months with Charlene Oh, founder of Mooi Beauty & Pawkit

SIMP Investing

13-10-2022 • 46 mins

Today, we have Charlene Oh, the founder of Mooi Beauty, Mooi Teeth and Pawkit on to share more about her entrepreneurship journey from her roots in a career in Finance. Mooi Beauty is a beauty brand that is home to the Mooi Teeth whitening kit that launched at an astronomical pace, selling out 4000 sets in the first 3 months since the company started. The brand is also featured organically in The Straits Times, Clicknetwork, DailyVanity and TheBeautyInsider.

In today's episode, we covered: How Charlene and her partner came up with the product design and idea of Mooi Teeth, the product release cycle strategy of Mooi Beauty, how to create a recurring element for their products and increase LTVs, influencer marketing, the benefits of selling on marketplace platforms like Shopee, the importance of sourcing a strategic supplier, the importance of trust in user acquisition, product expansion and localisation for health products and much more!

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