Episode 43 - How To Create A #1 Product Hunt Ranked AI SaaS with ex-SMMA owner Selim from MARKCOPY.AI

SIMP Investing

22-09-2022 • 1 hr 12 mins

Today, we have Selim on the podcast to share about his amazing pivot from being an SMMA owner to a superbly remarkable entrepreneurship venture with Mark Copy. Mark Copy utilises machine learning and AI-related technology to help companies create awesome content that converts. Be it through SEO-optimised blog articles or templated content, Mark Copy has it all. As a testament to Mark Copy's results, it is a number 1 ranked product on Product Hunt. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a product in the SaaS and bottom-up Saas space, this episode is a must-listen-to.

In today's episode, we covered: Selim's beginnings as an SMMA owner and how his struggles led to the founding of Mark Ads. Selim's and the company's pivot and how to identify when a company should pivot. Why building an app on Shopify is a great idea. How to find great co-founders. How Selim positioned Mark Copy's products competitively, and how the company found its first clients. The importance of continuously emailing, reaching out and developing a strong sense of urgency in the company's culture. Trends in machine learning and AI algorithmic structures. How the team identified the right audience to pivot the product to? How to develop pricing strategies for SaaS products. The importance of building a community around the product. Why Selim began to embrace a remote working culture and its benefits. Plus many more!

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