Episode 33 - Living in Hong Kong vs Singapore As A Finance Professional with Alvin from Watch Jelly

SIMP Investing

18-08-2022 • 1 hr 17 mins

Today on the pod, we have the privilege of having Alvin from Watch Jelly back on the podcast (p.s. Alvin's our first repeat guest!). Besides running Watch Jelly, Alvin actually works full-time in Wealth Management at a Bulge Bracket bank. As compared to most bankers, Alvin actually worked and lived in both Hong Kong and Singapore. Today, he joins the pod to share more about the major differences in both Financial hubs.

In today's episode, we covered: Why Alvin chose to enter Wealth Management, the major differences between working and living in Hong Kong vs Singapore, What aspects of Finance Hong Kong specialise in, and why is Hong Kong lagging in the tech and crypto space. What trends to look forward to in 10 years in Hong Kong, the commodities industry in Hong Kong, and how the COVID situation is being handled there. Lastly, Alvin shared more about the possibility of watch price arbitrages and what to consider for your first milestone watch.

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