Episode 36 - How Haoming Turned Huggs Coffee Around After The Pandemic & Digitised The Business

SIMP Investing

30-08-2022 • 1 hr 18 mins

A seasoned entrepreneur, on today's pod, we spoke to Haoming, the managing director of Huggs Coffee. Prior to joining Huggs Coffee, Haoming was the co-founder of Artbox Singapore and brought Shilin Night Market to local shores too, which we are sure many of us have gone to at least one of their events. When speaking to Haoming, we were intrigued by the way he approaches creative ideas and business models and the many mentions of "first principles" thinking. This podcast is a must-listen for entrepreneurs wanting to make things happen.

In today's episode, we covered: Haoming's entrepreneurship journey with Artbox and Invade, and how he managed to convince partners, the government, and consumers to join in on these lifestyle events. How Haoming joined Huggs Coffee and what were the impactful opportunities that he saw then at the heart of the COVID-19 lockdowns. The action plan and strategies for turning Huggs Coffee around and digitalizing the brand through tapping on digital platforms, working on brand and value perception, and more. How Haoming positions Huggs Coffee and fends off "competitors" like Starbucks and Coffee Bean by creating its own niche. Haoming's first few hires to turnaround Huggs Coffee, the advantages of local brands, a unique way of thinking of the franchising business model, and more!

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