Episode 29 - How To Build A 7 Figure eCommerce Pet Business With Sniff & Bark Founder Faith Wu

SIMP Investing

04-08-2022 • 57 mins

Today on the pod we have with us, Faith Wu. Faith is the founder of Sniff & Bark, an eCommerce company based in Canada that provides dog accessories such as collars and harnesses that are designed and manufactured with love for dog moms who would do just about anything for their dogs. Besides scaling Sniff & Bark, Faith has transitioned into providing consulting for people who would love to level up their TikTok and social media game by utilizing her proven marketing/creative strategies and experience.

In today's episode, we covered: How Faith got into entrepreneurship, transitioning from Finance & a CFA to a full-time entrepreneur, how did Sniff & Bark start, and how Faith scaled the company. How did Faith deal with operations, building her team, distribution, a large variety of SKUs, inventory, processes, and S.O.Ps. Faith also touched heavily on her marketing strategies and why influencer marketing did not work out well for her and what did.

Reach out to Faith and her businesses:

Sniff & Bark: https://sniffandbark.com.co/

Join Sniff & Bark's Ambassador Programme for exclusive discounts and rewards: https://sniffandbark.com.co/pages/ambassador

@sniffandbark on Instagram

Faith's Instagram and TikTok: @itsfaithwu

Interested parties can also reach out to her on Instagram or TikTok for consulting-related advice


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