Episode 41 - Deploying Millions in Pre-seed and Series A Venture Capital Investing with TRIVE and Christopher Quek

SIMP Investing

15-09-2022 • 1 hr 1 min

High ROIs, Unicorns, SPAC deals, IPOs, eccentric founders, tech, AI, robotics, blockchain, and crypto are some of the terms that are associated with venture capital (VCs) today. But is there all that is to VC? Today, we have the extreme privileged of speaking to Christopher Quek to dive deeper into what Venture Capital investing really entails. Christopher is the founder and managing partner of TRIVE VC. TRIVE is an early-stage VC that focuses on positive impact technology investments in South-East Asia. TRIVE and Christopher have deployed over US$26m of capital into 20 early-stage startups.

In today's episode, we covered: Christopher's entrepreneurial roots, his pivot to incubating startups and eventually launching a VC fund. How to start a VC fund from a regulatory and legal perspective. The "art" vs "science" of early stage investing. How Christopher and his partners managed to secure millions in fundraising. Why VC, SEA and early stage vs private equity or real estate funds? The importance of building a relationship in the due diligence process. The negative screening process of finding the right investors, the value-add of VCs, what happens before and after capital is deployed into a start-up, how early-stage venture capital investments are "hedged" and more!

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