Oliver Yeboah – Shifting the Mindset #MakeityourJourney

Africa on Focus

23-06-2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

This evening on Africa on Focus, Donny Addison is talking to Oliver Yeboah, Dutch-Ghanaian life coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur. Yeboah’s newly found platform ‘Africans like me’ seeks to celebrate Africans in the Diaspora. Throughout the show, Yeboah discusses his life journey and how he came to discover his true passion of counselling. Yeboah emphasises how lack of counselling can affect the decisions we as individuals make. He discusses his life experiences while growing up, dealing with being honest to himself and going against what people think they know, addressing how church doesn’t necessarily provide church goers with the help that they need, and having his faith tested while studying theology.

In addition, the men discuss what’s been happening on the continent, Covid-19 and the progress that has been made, Nigeria suspending Twitter post the president Buhari’s Tweet, and Fix the Country movement that is currently going on in Ghana.

Tap into this talk to learn more your relationship with Christ and understanding the true meaning of a calling. In addition, this podcast reflects to keep a positive mindset.

Watch the live interview on YouTube.