Byron Kwaning & Emmanuel Annim - The Position of Faith, How do Young People Handle it Differently? #FaithWithinTheCommunity

Africa on Focus

18-08-2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

In today’s episode we’re talking faith, our position in faith, and the Christian community. Ms. ABA and Donny Addison are joined by two noted faith leaders in the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands: Emmanuel Annim and Bryon Kwaning to discuss how young people handle faith and what it truly means to be a devoted Christian. These men highlight the importance of transitioning and finding God willingly than forcefully. Furthermore, they touch on how service and church has changed during the pandemic. Though the number of church numbers has decreased, prayers are still being held via zoom to stay connected as a ministry.

In addition, the episode also discusses Covid vaccinations, how the working environment has changed, stricter cocoa laws for ivory Coast and Ghana, and a disrespectful #fufuchallenge.

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