The Value of Mistakes & Leveraging ‘Isle of Wight Mentality’ with Teemill’s Co-Founder, Mart Drake-Knight #60

It Runs In The Family

24-05-2023 • 47 mins

Sustainability is the seed at the heart of Teemill, and it’s only grown to such an extravagant extent through the shared vision and values of Mart and Rob Drake-Knight.

The siblings behind the brand have leveraged ‘Isle of Wight mentality’ to go full-send with their venture, and it’s a delight to speak with Mart on this week’s It Runs In The Family.

Join us in episode 60 for a dive into why your mistakes are your value, separating ‘your toys from theirs’ in business, and dropping ‘Instagram-filter entrepreneurship’.

This episode covers:

  • Sustainability at the heart of Mart’s motivation
  • Facilitating their vision for all
  • Why there’s nothing more valuable than your mistakes
  • Mart’s bold, ‘Isle of Wight’ mentality
  • Why you shouldn’t ‘sell your siblinghood’ for business success