Social Selling In A World Dominated By AI with Tim Hughes

Artificial Intelligence Podcast: ChatGPT, Claude, Midjourney and all other AI Tools

22-04-2024 • 29 mins

Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Podcast, where we delve into the intersection of AI and social selling. Our host, Jonathan Green, best-selling author, explores innovative strategies beyond traditional sales approaches.

In this episode, we're excited to have Timothy Hughes, a pioneer in social selling, shedding light on how social media can foster genuine connections and drive sales. Timothy demystifies social selling, distinguishing it from common misconceptions and highlighting its potential as a powerful tool for building relationships and trust in the digital age.

Notable Quotes:

  • "Social selling is about leveraging your online presence to build relationships and trust, leading to sales." - [Timothy Hughes]
  • "Authentic engagement, not automated messages, is key to effective social selling." - [Jonathan Green]

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