044 | The Gas Expert and Aaron the Tattooist | I'm Batman!

Trade Legends

26-11-2023 • 48 mins

Shoaib's journey into becoming a gas engineer was sparked by a fortuitous encounter with a skilled technician fixing a leak in his home. Inspired, he dove into an intense course, later shadowing the same expert to learn the craft, driven not by payment but a thirst for knowledge. His pride in precision and skill led him to share insights on gas safety with ITV after an unfortunate gas explosion in Birmingham. Aaron, a versatile soul, found solace in tattoo artistry just before the onset of COVID, stalling his dream of an independent studio. His diverse career, from carpentry with his father, accounting, and to navigating the competitive tattoo industry, reflects his persistent pursuit of fulfilling passions amidst life's challenges. Guests this week: Shoaib and Aaron 🔨 Proudly Sponsored by CT1 | www.ct1.com ⭐ Supported by Tradify | https://tradifyhq.com/ 🏷️ Save on over 50 Trade Brands | https://tradelegends.uk/discounts/

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