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Finding Your Voice
Finding Your Voice
“Unlock Your Chains And Unleash Your Greatness. Let's share our voices together”. invites Renee. “You don't have to wait for a new year or a new day. How about the next minute and the next minute and the next minute to do different and be and become different, to who you aspire to be. When you're present in the moment you are stepping into the future, and that very next moment to build the momentum to the next moments.” “Encourage is courage in courage.” What would you do if you lost your voice? And how would you feel if you are isolated from the outside world? A young lady finds herself held captive in her own home, alone and literally speechless. Learn how she finds self-confidence and transforms her life and get ready to feel excited and inspired, as you find your voice! Introducing our guest today, Renee Reisch. We invite you to not just to listen, but to join us as she takes us on her compelling and inspiring journey of turning obstacles into opportunities. Renee's personal story is honourable, and honest, and vulnerable. Renee walks her talk. When Paula and I met Renee, we knew that we had met somebody who has such a gentle, tender, caring, compassionate spirit. Her friend who's watching over her from heaven. And she is the one that helped Renee find and discover the voice from within. This begins when Viral pharyngitis literally took a grip, of Renee’s vocal cords. “I didn't know how to get out of it, to step back into life. I didn't have an answer or just do this, just do that you'll feel better. There was no magic pill. There was no medication that they could give me. The medication was a step out of life” “In losing my voice, it was so I can find my voice.” Says Renee.