GO Getters Episode #25: Chris Kauzmann ’13 ’14G

GO Getters

27-03-2023 • 31 mins

With an open-door policy and a knack for mentorship, Baker Institute Innovator-in-Residence Chris Kauzmann ’13 ’14G helps guide curious Lehigh students as they undertake their own entrepreneurial journeys. With Joe Buck, he explores his own roots and passions, shares insights into the entrepreneurial mindset, and brags (in the very best way) about how Lehigh students and alumni are solving problems in today’s world.



GO Getters put ideas into action, creating change that has impact on our communities and our world. Join us for straight-up, no-nonsense conversations with leaders on the forefront of change — within and beyond the university — who are dedicated to bringing direction to a dream.

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