Tackling Uncertainty and Caring for Your Team; Coffee & Catch Up with Elizabeth McCormick, Debbie Greenwood, Andy Headington & Steve Bulley #S3E13

"5 Things I Know Now" A Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

20-10-2022 • 46 mins

The past month has proven to be most uncertain, but if you owned a business at the start of the pandemic and it’s still running, then you have the tools to tackle the bumpy road ahead.

From staying on top of accounts to keeping your staff front of mind and showing them that you care, the latest episode of The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast shines a light on the abundance of resources at your disposal that you need to take advantage of!

Recorded at the latest Coffee & Catchup online event in October, Nick Gregory is joined by a wonderful panel consisting of Debbie Greenwood, Elizabeth McCormick, Andy Headington and Steve Bulley.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • What we can do day-to-day that helps businesses and staff with current challenges
  • Strategies to tackle the uncertainty ahead
  • What a business mentor can offer you
  • An array of tools and advice available to business owners