Devonshire Cream Tea Controversy

The Smeg Foodie Guide to the UK

20-09-2022 • 36 mins

Welcome to the Smeg Foodie Guide to the UK episode 2

Scott Quinnell and Clare Edwards are in Devon in this episode of the Smeg podcast, tracking down the source of the controversial Devonshire cream tea. Where did it originate? Which comes first, the jam or the cream? How should you eat your cream tea?

All these questions and more are answered as Scott and Clare visit the famous Bedford Hotel in Tavistock. They learn about the fascinating history of the cream tea from historian Dr. Geri Parlby. They're also taught the proper eating etiquette by Sarah Howard, owner of the hotel, built on the site of the original abbey where the very first cream teas were served!

They also travel to the Hele Corn Mill near Ilfracombe where Scott has a go at grinding some corn at the historic water mill. Clare gets busy in the kitchen, preparing traditional and historic buns for them to enjoy with the owners, David and Kathy.

Finally, back in the Smeg kitchen, Clare and Scott have a go at making clotted cream the easy way. It's not as difficult as you think!


Hosted by: Scott Quinnell

Presenter: Clare Edwards

Directed by: Gillan Williams

Produced by: Veronika Kinstova, Gillan Williams, Smeg UK and Clarity Video

Special thanks: Dr Geri Parlby, The Bedford Hotel, Hele Corn Mill