45: On Air Coaching Call with Amanda Yoh Klingenberger, Owner of Linden Square

Brave Bold Moves

28-10-2021 • 33 mins

If you’ve ever found yourself doing all the right things and coming up short on your financial goals, you’re not alone. Today Amanda Klingenberger, owner of Linden Square, a Corporate gift company, discusses her frustration with her current sales method. This is where I ask her to take a step back and assess her prospect’s need or pain point.

We talk through how to:

-- reach a financial goal with fewer clients (less small clients)

-- start paying yourself

-- bring on help once goals are reached

1. Create a list of prospects with contact information

2. Craft your "upfront contract" for phone calls and meetings

3. PRACTICE, daily

SO EXCITED about this new target market. I love that these people are also accustomed to fundraising/ selling. They will be less intimidating to sell to and they will help you hone your skills. They will also naturally connect you to others in their network.

People only listen when they hear themselves reflected in your discussion. It’s that whole “what’s in it for me or WIFM” complex. Every human does it. Therefore, you must know and communicate the prospect’s need or pain point and lead with that in every sales call and in your marketing. Practicing an upfront contract is a sure bet to effortlessly close a sale and encourage repeat business.