44: On Air Coaching Call with Meghan Britton-Gross from The Andrew Project

Brave Bold Moves

22-10-2021 • 27 mins

Today we discuss imposter syndrome and how it may show up as procrastination or self-sabotage.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to learn if you have experienced Imposter Syndrome:

When given a compliment or recognition do you think of all the ways you don’t measure up? You may say “Thanks. I’m glad I look like I’m doing well. I’m not making the money I want to”

When hustling to achieve your financial target, have you given your good or service away for free? Maybe someone may have had money in their hand and you physically push it away. Another example is that you may mask your low prices with words such as “I want to stay humble” or “I don’t want to get rich off this business. I just want to help people.”

Have you ever downplayed your expertise or experience? I know I have heard myself do this often. I may say “Well, yes, I did an internship in London, England, but the company had high schoolers as interns alongside me.”

Meghan Britton, Owner of The Andrew Project, is having trouble getting started due to her imposter syndrome. It’s keeping her stuck and holding her back from the transition from blogger to business owner. Listen in as I explain Imposter Syndrome and offer her suggestions on how to monetize.

We discuss:

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The importance of building a community NOW to be primed and ready for her book launch

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If you answered yes to any of the three questions we opened with in this podcast, I encourage you to get real with yourself.

Determine where your imposter syndrome may be keeping you from experiencing success. Find a therapist and life coach and work through it. It’s possible and it’s necessary.

And please consider sharing your story of sibling loss or ask a friend to share their story theandrewproject.online. Keep an eye out for her wonderful children’s book.