Rising of The Divine

John and Jeanette Lucero

Welcome to Rising of The Divine! Together, John and Jeanette a couple of almost 25 years, and the hosts of this podcast, along with guests share in sacred space the real raw truth of what it means to be a masculine and feminine rising. This is a place to share with you what it means to be connected with The Divine and the sheer grit it takes, and also the glory you receive when staying the course. Join us and our guests as we share the unfiltered life both shamelessly and without guilt. Thank you for joining us! read less
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An Interview With John on How The Wounded Masculine & Feminine Shows Up For Him
An Interview With John on How The Wounded Masculine & Feminine Shows Up For Him
In this podcast, which is Part One of a two-part episode. John and Jeanette discuss the deeper meaning of how the following show up for each of them in their: Wounded Masculine Healed Masculine Wounded Feminine Healed Feminine Jeanette interviews John as the willing person to sacrifice the way these traits show up for him. John discusses the patterns, traits, and behaviors that are part of his wounded and healed components of his masculine and feminine energetic fields, the energetic fields that exist in all of us both male and female. There is no such thing as perfection but rather in this episode John and Jeanette bring awareness to the parts that exist within us that may be wounds and those parts that may be healed or in the healing process. They discuss how conditioning, patterns, and ancestry all shape our behaviors and traits and how simply bringing awareness to them can bring about change. In Part One where Jeanette interviews John you can see and hear the uncomfortability of owning and facing our wounded often called the dark side and yet the light that comes from being able to find some healing and awareness. In this episode, you can get a perspective of what this may look like within a male as John is in the hot seat, and in the next Part, Part Two you can hear how these traits, behaviors, and actions show up for Jeanette in all the same areas. The Rising of The Divine within each of us begins and grows with the more awareness we have in ALL parts that make up the feminine and masculine within all of us.