So, can WORKPLACES ever be democratic?

Untelevised: The Podcast

06-04-2021 • 1 hr 41 mins

Last episode we explored democracy, as the 'ordinary' persons opportunity to contribute to the conversations that govern our societies. We took a deep dive into the theory of the concept and discovered that it has reach far beyond the ballot box.

This week we are taking it from theory into practice by looking at how democratic principles might be applied to a work environment. To do this we’re exploring two different democratic working structures - Workers Cooperatives and Employee Owned Businesses.

Learn - what are democratic workplaces? (4 mins)

Discuss - Riverford, Employee Owned Business (18 mins) find them on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ YouTube; Suma, Workers Cooperative (51 mins) find them on Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter/ LinkedIn

Share - what can we all do? (1 hour 25 mins)

Things we mentioned:

Democracy Episode; Workers' Rights Episode; Socialism Episode; Capitalism Episode; Ethical Consumption Episode; Ethical Consumer Magazine; Ethical Consumer Framework for Measuring Ethics; Ethical Consumer Framework Explained Further; Cooperatives UK; Cooperatives UK "The Hive"; Employee Ownership Association

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