So, where on Earth do we BELONG?

Untelevised: The Podcast

08-06-2022 • 1 hr 34 mins

Last episode we investigated what it means to have a transient relationship to land - to constantly roam, to migrate to another place, or even to be forcibly displaced. In Chapter 2 of our land series, we're exploring the opposite. Looking at what it means to belong to a specific place. And what impact a sense of belonging to and connection with land has on us emotionally, physically, materially, politically and socially.

Taking it beyond the capitalist notion of land belonging to us, we challenge the existing frameworks of ownership and power over land and try to establish what it is that gives us a meaningful relationship with the land that we occupy - and subsequently - to each other as a human race.

We go on this important and thought provoking journey with activist, Javier Sanchez-Rodriguez, from Anne Matthews Trust and Design Researcher, Andre Reid, from Kiondo.


Learn - what do we mean by belonging? (4 mins 25 secs)

Discuss - Javier Sanchez-Rodriguez, The Anne Matthews Trust (9 mins)  find them on Instagram/ Twitter/ Website

Andre Reid, Kiondo (44 mins) find them on Instagram / Twitter/ Facebook/ Website/ Instagram (personal)/ Twitter (personal)

Share - what can we all do? (1 hour 20 secs)


Things we mentioned:

Our visit to Nijmegen (IG Story); Granville Community Kitchen (IG Story); Visit the Anne Matthews Trust Bunkhouse; Refer someone to Anne Matthews Trust; Civic Square; Shared Assets; New Economics Foundation.

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