Climate & Capitalism

Untelevised: The Podcast

24-11-2021 • 1 hr 27 mins

Capitalism relies on the exploitation of the planet's resources and people for continuous financial growth. A changing climate is, arguably, an inevitable result of this relentless pursuit. Therefore, although we might consider climate change an environmental issue, the fight for climate justice must be a sociopolitical one that interrogates all of the structures of our society.

So, in this episode, we’re doing just that! By exploring whether we can achieve climate justice without completely changing the way that we live, consume and trade.

To do this, we’re speaking with two people who are fighting for change from opposite sides of the fence - both inside and outside of our corporate world.


Learn - what is capitalism? (5 mins)

Discuss - Ruth Andrade, LUSH (12 mins 25 secs) find them on Twitter (personal)/ Twitter (organisation)/ Instagram (personal) / Instagram (organisation)/ Facebook/ LinkedIn (personal)/ LinkedIn (organisation)

Asad Rehman, War on Want (44 mins) find them on Twitter (personal)/ Twitter (Organisation)/ Instagram (personal), Instagram (organisation) / LinkedIn (personal)/ LinkedIn (organisation)/ Website

Share - what can we all do? (1 hour 14 mins)


Things we mentioned:

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