Ep 104: Teach Your Children to Audit Their Circle

Think Generational Wealth

08-03-2023 • 29 mins

Teaching children how to choose their friends wisely is an important life skill that parents should impart to their children. Teaching children to make wise choices when it comes to selecting their friends will help them find positive, supportive relationships in the future.

Parents can use several methods to help their children build healthy relationships, such as role-playing, discussing reasons for why certain relationships may be beneficial or not and spending quality time together. When discussing friendships, it is important for parents to provide a safe environment where their children can share their thoughts and feelings without judgement.

It is also important for parents to teach their children to look for qualities such as empathy, respect, loyalty and kindness in their friends. Parents should encourage children to trust their gut and to be aware of any signs of potential problems. They should also communicate with children about their expectations for maintaining healthy friendships.

In addition, it is essential for parents to be a good role model for their children. Demonstrating qualities such as honesty, consideration and kindness will help set a good example for children.

Finally, it is important for parents to remind their children that they don’t need to be accepted by everyone and that they are allowed to make mistakes. Ultimately, teaching children to think critically and choose their friends wisely will ensure that they build positive relationships that will last a lifetime.

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