Achieving financial freedom, with Alexlouise Thomas

Love Business with Alan Wick

25-07-2022 • 55 mins

Financial freedom is an ‘end of the rainbow’ concept for many people. Alexlouise Thomas has made a successful career out of helping people find theirs. She began investing in property and in personal development courses, before retiring from catering at the ripe old age of 32. We discussed how she helps others to live their dreams of financial freedom and fulfilment, and how she loves seeing the transformation in people’s lives. We also discuss the joint ventures that make possible things that an individual couldn’t achieve alone.

In this fascinating interview, Alexlouise

  • Explains the purpose of her company, how she aids other businesses financially, and how she helps clients to recognise their goals.
  • Expands on what the term 'joint venture' means with regards to the property market, and how it works to pool resources and get people on the property ladder.
  • Shares a success story of one of her clients and the five-year process behind it.
  • Recalls the factors and experiences that led her to start her company and then shift its business model.
  • Talks about learning from mistakes and dealing with bumps in the road.
  • Describes her goals of building a community, and to start farming within the next five year, as well as the positive and negative effects of giving yourself a timeline for goals.
  • Delves into her learnings along the way, including the importance of patience, the huge value of having a business coach, and asking questions without the fear of looking stupid.
  • Gives advice for people starting up a business, emphasising that it is very important to give success time to grow.