Succeeding in leisure, with Alfie Best

Love Business with Alan Wick

30-12-2020 • 54 mins

Sometimes true stories are more captivating than a best-selling novel. Alfie Best’s story firmly fits in this category. From scratch, after being born in a caravan to a poor Romany Gypsy family, Alfie has built up Wyldecrest Parks, which now has 75 residential mobile home parks, seven holiday mobile home parks and a golf course in Hertfordshire, along with a 50% share in 15 sites in the US. This success has led to him being featured in the Sunday Times UK rich list.

Alfie shared the extraordinary story of how he started, as well as talking about:

  • The importance of reinvesting in the business.
  • Effective leadership as a key to organisational success.
  • Why organisations should encourage employees to recognise mistakes and learn from them.
  • His ‘’always say yes’’ policy and why the customer is always king.
  • Alfie’s secrets of his success.