Ep2: Leppi & Blessed Serenity talk about Support and Synergy

Waves Of The Bay: The Podcast

18-11-2021 • 57 mins

The idea of Support, as an Artist, is something that is huge beyond measures. I've seen seemingly strong relationships falter because of not believing in your partners dreams. The goal is to find someone to complement and challenge you so you can function at your highest level. It's a notion known as Synergy and you can see it all over LEPPI and BLESSED SERENITY. They are both talented individuals in their own rights, but when you combine them, their power is unparalleled. We talked about the Artist/Manager Dynamic during our conversation on Episode 2 of the Podcast. Follow them @theeblessedserenity and @leppi_vafl and make sure you show love to us @wavesofthebay.

Watch the interview at https://youtu.be/aRpWUKWSrLw. Please make sure you Subscribe to the page.