Awakening Your Business Superpower with Critical Thinking and Effective Communication

The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary

12-04-2024 • 19 mins

Unlock your mind's fullest potential and awaken your business superpower as we join forces with John Chetro Szivos, the visionary author of "On Becoming a Critical Thinker." This episode isn't just another conversation; it's a masterclass on elevating your problem-solving, evaluation, and decision-making processes. Learn to distinguish between autopilot thinking and the intentional, curious mindset that defines true critical thinkers. We delve into the psychology behind our cognitive shortcuts and habits, revealing how to strike a balance between necessary efficiency and the deeper, more rigorous thought processes that exceptional critical thinking demands.

Embark on a journey of personal and professional metamorphosis, drawing from the powerful insights of John's lecture experiences in China. We discuss the subtle yet impactful practice of pausing to consider the consequences of our actions, like the simple act of sending an email. Discover how embracing vulnerability within a Deliberately Developmental Organization can catapult your team to new heights. Plus, get a sneak peek at John's forthcoming book, "Speak Like a Leader," which arms leaders with the strategies to navigate the complex world of organizational communication. This conversation is an invitation to continuous growth—a call to rise to the challenge of becoming the most effective thinkers and communicators we can be.