A closer look at Individual OKRs with Peter Kappus

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, strategy, and people management.

11-01-2021 • 24 mins

What really is an Individual OKR? And, why is there so much talk about working with Individual OKRs on the internet?

Henrik-Jan van der Pol, CEO of Perdoo and Peter Kappus, an OKR consultant, are here to finally give some in-depth insight into Individual OKRs and clarify the misconceptions around them.

During the interview you'll get a deep-dive on:

  • What Individual OKRs are all about
  • Organizational structures that support working with Individual OKRs
  • The common misconceptions and consequences of working with Individual OKRs
  • Why organizations use Individual OKRs
  • Recommendations on how to work with Individual OKRs

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